Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

21 Nov

Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd, Ellen Burstyn, James Garner and Maggie Smith star in this Southern-fried comedy, based on Rebecca Wells’s best-selling novels, which follows a group of lifelong friends over decades of ups and downs. Forced to resort to intervention to help their friend’s daughter, Siddalee (Bullock), cope and forgive her eccentric mother (Burstyn) for inflicting years of pain and embarrassment, the Ya-Yas don’t hold anything back. (Netflix)

So upon remembering someone saying this was a good movie, and seeing that Maggie Smith was in it, (with a southern accent!) i had to press play. Ya-Ya is an overall heartwarming mother daughter story. But don’t let the cute sisterhood thing fool you. The journey into Vivie’s (the mother’s past) is a dark and intense one, but her friends were there for her the entire time. A tad slow at times, but overall, a rather engaging movie. Sandra Bullock is great as Sidda, and she blends in well and doesn’t fall behind amidst a much more veteran cast. Maggie Smith…I love that woman. Enough said. A surprisingly poignant performance by Ashley Judd as the younger Vivie. She had an immensely difficult role to play, playing all of the difficult times Vivie endured. I won’t tell you what they are, because once you finally find out, it makes the movie that much more heart wrenching. But overall, a good movie. Women, watch it with your mother. It will make you love her so much more 🙂


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