No Strings Attached

21 Nov

Emotionally unencumbered and sexually satisfied, friends with benefits Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) have an open relationship that suits them just fine. That is, until those pesky little things called feelings enter the picture. Ivan Reitman directs and Kevin Kline and Cary Elwes co-star in this comedy that explores the perks and pitfalls of modern romance (Netflix)

I actually really enjoyed this movie. True, it was a predictable, cute, romcom. But, a little deeper under the surface, was a movie exploring and experimenting with modern day relationships and romance itself. Kutcher and Portman have a really cute, caring, chemistry (haha alliteration) together. People are all like “omigod, why is Natalie Portman doing a crappy romcom after Black Swan?!” (which, I haven’t seen yet. gr.) But honestly, she does a great job, delivering an honest, genuine performance. But you can still see her ribcage poking out from her Black Swan days haha. Also, the script is witty and risque for a generic romcom. Some favorite one liners: “My pants look like a crime scene.” and “You eat like a baby dinosaur.” Also, on one last side note, there is a little pomerinan puppy, named Freckles, in the movie. He steals the show. There was one scene I wasn’t paying attention to what Kutcher and Kevin Kline were saying because I was too busy watching the adorable puppy. The cuteness factor is through the roof. But I digress. So, if you’re a lover of romcoms, go see this. Also, if you bring your significant other, there is a good chance you will get some later that night haha. 🙂


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