The Runaways

23 Nov

Dakota Fanning stars in this musical biopic as Cherie Currie, lead singer of the 1970s all-girl rock group the Runaways, whose meteoric rise up the charts was saturated with drugs and other excesses of the era. Though the Runaways start out as a novelty act, the rock ‘n’ roll chops of Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart), Lita Ford (Scout Taylor-Compton) and the other girls lift the group to international stardom. Floria Sigismondi directs. (Netflix)

So, I was drawn to this because 1. The real Joan Jett is a badass 2. Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning!? Really?! Thankfully, I was proven wrong. This is a FAR cry from Twilight. And the truly decent acting jobs done by Stewart and Fanning only further prove my theory that the actors in the Twilight series are actually good actors, it’s their material that completely sucks ass. I was especially impressed with Kristen Stewart. She literally took on the persona of Joan Jett and it wasn’t until near the end of the movie, where I said, oh. wait. that is Kristen Stewart. Why can’t Joan Jett stay around? She would kick Bella’s ass. Dakota Fanning is also really impressive as Cherie Currie, because even though it was marketed to make you think it was a movie about the band, it’s really the story of Cherie’s rise from lip-synching David Bowie at a school talent show to becoming a sixteen year old sex pot singing for thousands of screaming fans, but then hitting rock bottom and beginning the slow trek back up. It’s very nicely paced, not too slow, but not so fast that it’s unbelievable. Also, the soundtrack for this movie is awesome. With a great mix of 70s rock, and actual songs from The Runaways and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, there is music literally everywhere in this movie. Overall, this is a gritty picture that literally shows a band’s rise and fall, and all of the MASS, MASS amounts of sex, drugs, and rock n roll they experienced along the way.


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