The Time Traveler’s Wife

23 Nov

Lose yourself in timeless love with this gloriously romantic story of the jourey of two hearts. Artist Clare Abshire (Rachel McAdams of The Notebook) shares a deep emotional bond with Henry De Tamble (Eric Bana of The Other Boleyn Girl), a handsome librarian who travels involuntarily through time. Knowing they can be separated without warning, Clare and Henry treasure the moments they have together, imbuing them with the yearning and passion of two people imprisoned by time…and set free by love. Based on the #1 bestseller, The Time Traveler’s Wife weaves together destiny and devotion, past and future to turn an extraordinary love into an extraordinary love story. (DVD)

Ok I’m not going to lie, I cried like a baby for about the last fifteen minutes of this movie. This is quite possibly one of the best romance movies since The Notebook. This was a genuine love story with a fun sci-fi twist. The fact that he time travels is contributed to a chromosome anomaly, and he basically disappears and reappears without warning, which causes an obvious strain on the marriage. Also, the fact that they have basically known each other since she was six may seem a little creepy, but it ends up actually being somewhat cute. Eric Bana is great as Henry, but Rachel McAdams really steals the show with this one. The way she plays Clare is just so emotionally draining. One of the parts that got me was the one night they were making dinner he goes into the other room, and you hear a plate crash, and you just see her grudgingly grab a broom and sweep it up. I think it was the acceptance of what their life was like was really refreshing. You see a lot of romance movies where the girl just bitches about him the entire movie but then ends up marrying him anyway. This was just completely different. But seriously, this is a beautifully done movie. Yes, you do have to pay attention, in order to understand the time line of everything, but it is worth it.


Ok. What killed me was him knowing when he was going to die, then Alba knowing when he was going to die, and then Clare finding out like five minutes before hand. I was a wreck. But it makes you think. If you knew you were going to die, wouldn’t you do anything in your power to stop it? I know Henry said he can’t change anything, he’s tried, but I just wish in this instance he tried harder. Seeing them hug each other for the last time literally killed me. It completely reminded me of the end of The Notebook. Just how poetic it was. Then the last part in the field, omigod can you say emotional wreck? What can I say I am a hopeless romantic.



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