The Virgin Suicides

23 Nov

In sharp response to the lax moral milieu of the mid-1970s, Ronald and Sara Lisbon (James Woods and Kathleen Turner) keep their five alluring, adolescent daughters on a short leash by embracing religion and pushing away the opposite sex. But when the youngest (Hanna Hall) unaccountably commits hara-kiri and a wayward elder sister (Kirsten Dunst) violates curfew, Sara puts all the girls under a virtual house arrest. (Netflix)

Ok, I’m just going to warn you now, I’m going to talk about the end. Normally, I would write spoiler alert, but the ending is kind of obvious from the title of the movie. Anyway, I’m still slightly confused by this movie. I liked it, but I don’t know why. Also, I don’t know if this movie was a drama or an indie black comedy. Obviously, on the surface, it’s a drama. But there were so many elements of indie black comedy. The writing of the girl’s names on the screen, the voice over narration, the flash forward interviews, the town gossips, etc. That being said, I wish it was a black comedy. It all would have made so much more sense. Or, putting the movie from the girl’s point of view, not the neighbor kids would have made it more of a drama. Because, let’s face it, the girl’s parents are freakishly uptight, religious, and strict, but they aren’t cruel people. So the suicide over being on virtual house arrest (by the end of the movie, the girls weren’t allowed to ever leave their home, they were even taken out of school) seemed drastic. Why didn’t they just run away? Like I said, I liked this movie, but I don’t know why haha. One last thought. Josh Hartnett’s hair annoyed the crap out of me the entire time. I just couldn’t deal with it. That is all.


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