The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

27 Nov

To prevent a world war from breaking out, famous characters from Victorian literature — including Allan Quatermain (Sean Connery), Dorian Gray (Stuart Townsend), Tom Sawyer (Shane West) and Captain Nemo (Naseeruddin Shah) — band together to do battle against a cunning villain known as the Fantom. Based on Alan Moore’s graphic novel, this fantasy adventure unfolds in an alternate universe where well-known fictional figures exist in real life. (Netflix)

So, I was super excited to watch this movie. I LOVED the concept. I thought it was brilliant….But then I watched it. Brilliant concept, poorly executed. Sean Connery’s accent is really annoying to me. I don’t know why. But it just is. So, that basically threw me off the entire movie. I did enjoy the individual performances of Peta Wilson (Mina Harker), Shane West (Tom Sawyer), Stuart Townsend, and Tony Curran (the Invisible Man) but other than that, shmeh. The action was decent, the storyline was semi confusing, and just shmeh. Through my random pokings around the interweb, I found out that Connery and Stephen Norrington did not have a very good working relationship, so it is possible that that could have brought down the production, plus the delays from the floodings in Prague, where they filmed, it was all just bad timing and it probably brought the energy down. Anyway, I want to read the graphic novel because apparently it is WAY different. And then I want someone to try another adaptation that is more faithful to the graphic novel. Please and thank you. By the way, the end? Can you say STUPID!? Yeah, someone wasn’t planning for a sequel or anything. That is all.


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