Jane Eyre

29 Nov

Driven from her post at Thornfield House by her love for her brooding employer and his secret past, young governess Jane Eyre reflects on her youth and the events that led her to the misty moors in this artful adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s novel. (Netflix)

So, to start things off, I was not a fan of the book. I was forced to read it in high school and fell asleep on top of it almost every single night. However, I am a fan of this movie adaptation. This movie does what the book could not-get to the point. Instead of rambling on for pages like most of those older books do. The cinematography is really well done, it created the perfect landscape and setting for this film. With an extremely talented cast including Judi Dench as Mrs. Fairfax, Jamie Bell as St. John, Michael Fassbender as Rochester, and Mia Wasikowska as Jane, these four deliver fantastic performances, especially Wasikowska, for obvious reasons. Overall, this movie helped me finally see where the romance story part was was-something I could not find when I read the book almost two years ago. Sure some things were left out from the movie that were in the book. But honestly, if they had put EVERYTHING from the book into the movie, I probably would have fallen asleep again, just on top of my laptop this time. So, a fantastic adaptation that fans of the novel should see and haters of the novel should give a shot-you might be surprised. 🙂


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