Pride and Prejudice

29 Nov

In this retelling of Jane Austen’s novel set in 19th-century England, Mrs. Bennet (Brenda Blethyn) is all atwitter in hopes of marrying her daughters to prosperous gentlemen callers, especially when a wealthy bachelor moves nearby. Headstrong daughter Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) meets her match in Mr. Darcy, but misinterprets Darcy’s honorable intentions and jeopardizes her chance at love. Donald Sutherland, Judi Dench and Jena Malone co-star. (Netflix)

First Jane Eyre, now this, I feel like I’m in 18th century mode here. Anyway, to start this off, I have never read the book. Shoot me. Anyway, I loved this movie. Keira Knightley and Mathew Macfayden have great chemistry and deliver fantastic performances as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Donald Sutherland and Brenda Blethyn as the Bennets are fun to watch and also have great on-screen chemistry. Rosamund Pike, Talulah Riley, Carey Mulligan, and Jena Malone complete the Bennet family as the sisters Jane, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. Each of them did a good job with their characters and were a lot of fun to watch. Also, the cinematography in this movie is fantastic. As I mentioned before with another Keira Knightley movie, Atonement, there are times when everything is arranged as perfectly as if they were onstage. Overall, the visual style puts you right in the middle of the story. My only complaint is that at times it could be a bit slow. Do I really need to see someone walking away from/towards the camera for a solid minute? Not really. But that didn’t really detract from this great romance story.


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