29 Nov

Johnny Depp lends his voice to the portrayal of the title character, an adventurous family pet who leaves home to learn more about himself, in this family-friendly animated adventure directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean). The star-studded cast of vocal talent also includes Abigail Breslin, Isla Fisher, Alfred Molina, Ray Winstone, Harry Dean Stanton, Ned Beatty, Stephen Root and Bill Nighy. (Netflix)

So this is definitely not your average animated movie. First off, the animation itself is fantastic. Extremely detailed, and just overall is excellent. Also, there are parts in this that are actually not exactly for kids (or they will just go over the kids head) such as: violence (guns everywhere, shootouts, gallows, nooses, characters actually die) swearing (hell, damn, cajones) alcohol (or cactus juice as it is called) and existentialist questions about life (Who am I? Why am I here?) But honestly, all of that made me love it more. Some really funny humor in it, especially in satire of the classic spaghetti westerns. Johnny Depp is FANTASTIC. Normally I would never say that for a voice over part, considering all you are hearing of the actor is their voice, but he seriously nailed it. The character of Rango itself is just a lot of fun to watch. One of my marks of a good voice over actor is if I cannot recognize who they are, or I actually have to listen to make it out. Depp does accomplish that, but Isla Fisher and Abigail Breslin more so, who portrayed two of my favorite characters in the movie. Also, anyone who is an actor, theatre lover, etc, you will love the random acting/theatre quips that Rango says. Lastly, the mariachi band who are the narrators, are so freaking funny. I loved them. Overall, an extremely enjoyable movie for both kids and adults, and one of the best animated films that I have seen in awhile. Do it. 🙂


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