02 Dec

submarineWhen he learns that his mother is on the verge of deserting his father for a dance instructor, young Welsh teen Oliver (Craig Roberts) resolves to do whatever it takes to save his parents’ marriage before the end of summer. Meanwhile, the offbeat lad also schemes to seduce pushy pyromaniac Jordana (Yasmin Paige) with nothing but the power of his mind. Richard Ayoade directs this quirky coming-of-age comedy based on a novel by Joe Dunthorne. (Netflix)

This is a quirky teen coming of age story from Britain. The really interesting thing about this one is that no one is a “good” person. Oliver (Craig Roberts) is an ass. Sorry for people that love the character, but he’s an elitist asshole. Jordana (Yasmin Page) is a pyromaniac who feels like she needs a boyfriend but when she has one pushes him away. Oliver’s mom (Sally Hawkins) is a cheater and Oliver’s dad (Noah Taylor) is a complete pushover. So basically, watching this movie is a frustrating event as you watch these stupid people do stupid things. However, it’s that factor that makes it interesting to watch. One of the highlights of this movie is the camerawork. It’s extremely creative and a lot of fun to watch, things you can only get away with in an indie movie. That being said, this movie is very aware of the indie genre, which provides some cute/funny moments. Also, the acting in this by the four leads is really good, especially from the two young stars, Roberts and Page. So, like I said, frustrating, but enjoyable nonetheless.


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