Love, Wedding, Marriage

06 Dec

love wedding marraigeWhen a newly wedded marriage counselor learns that her seemingly happy parents are serious candidates for divorce, she throws all the rules out the window to repair their fractured relationship. (Netflix)

Shmeh. Typical romantic comedy, not even a decent one at that. All of the characters are wispy, they have no conviction in anything they do. Mandy Moore and Kellan Lutz had some chemistry, not enough though. The thing is, the storyline itself is intriguing, it’s why I watched it. It all was just poorly written and executed. A LOT of awkward camera angles/shots. Especially the part with Moore’s character visiting her therapist. It was all just extreme close up on her face, with a therapist’s voice talking. Which you find out in the credits was Julia Roberts. What, was she too embarrassed by this movie to show her face? One of the redeeming parts was Josh Brolin as the father, who becomes a born again Jew after the separation, which was pretty funny. And Jessica Szohr is charming enough as the slutty/carefree/wild/typical younger sister. Overall though, you’re better off watching a different rom-com.


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