Clash of the Titans

07 Dec

clash of the titansPerseus, mortal son of Zeus, battles the minions of the underworld to stop them from conquering the Earth and the heavens.(IMDb)

I enjoy Greek Mythology, so I was looking forward to this. Plus it came highly recommended by a couple of friends. However, I was not as blown away and other people said I would be. The plot was muddy, and I was confused by all the character’s motivations for actions. He was trying to stop the gods, yet they were giving him gifts? He wants to live more like a man, but he ends up with another demigod at the end? What about the perfectly good human princess? It was just all over the damn place. What I will give them though, is the visual effects. They were really well done. Especially this movie’s take on popular Greek myths, such as Medusa, the three Fate Witches, and Charon. Those were really cool looking. Sam Worthington was good enough to lead this movie, his stunts were well done, but that’s about it. Liam Neeson as Zeus was cool, but his character was the most confusing. Ralph Fiennes was basically Lord Voldemort with hair and a nose. Although Greek mythology is a fascinating subject, there are other movies better than this one.


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