Larry Crowne

07 Dec

larry crowneAfter losing his job, a middle-aged man reinvents himself by going back to college.(IMDb)

So, plainly put, this movie was cute. The script, the characters, and everything about it, it simply, cute. Although I love Tom Hanks as the typical middle aged man. I especially love the beginning when he has his job at “UMart” and he’s totally *that* guy who absolutely loves his job. It’s hilarious. Also loved Julia Roberts as the disillusioned, margarita loving, community college teacher. And the chemistry between the two of them is really natural. The other really funny character was Wilmer Valderamma as the scooter gang leader (yes. scooter gang.) But acting aside, the movie itself is kind of bland. A very typical, predictable story line. I honestly could have told you the entire storyline of the movie from the trailer. And also, one other thing bothered me. One of the characters (a typical free spirity character) drops out of college. No one challenges her. No one tells her to get her butt back in and get a degree. Wasn’t that the point of the whole movie? Tom Hanks’ character had to go back because there was no hope of advancement at his job because he didn’t have a degree. But she drops out, opens a thrift store and no one says anything about it. Overall though, it’s still a cute movie that’s at least worth a watch for Hanks and Roberts


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