V for Vendetta

07 Dec

v for vendettaA shadowy freedom fighter known only as “V” uses terrorist tactics to fight against his totalitarian society. Upon rescuing a girl from the secret police, he also finds his best chance at having an ally.(IMDb)\

So this is another one of those movies where I have essentially seen the whole thing in bits and pieces, but I finally decided to sit down and watch it from beginning to end, and I am really glad I did. I love dystopia/big brother type stuff and this was just that. A good job is done of explaining how the regime came to be throughout the movie, instead of trying to cram it all in the first 15 minutes or so. For the acting side, I absolutely love Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman in this. For Hugo Weaving, he really did a fantastic job of using the mask and not letting it hinder him. Also, that speech at the beginning with all of the v words? Impressive bit of acting (and writing!) there. Like I’ve mentioned before, I love Natalie Portman in pretty much everything she’s in and this is obviously no exception. Her character makes a dramatic shift in this movie and she totally nails it. This movie is also something to watch visually. From the fireworks, to V’s underground home, to flashback scenes, it’s beautiful to watch. If you want to watch a fantastic movie, watch this.


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