Welcome to the Rileys

07 Dec

welcome to the rileysDevastated by their daughter’s death eight years ago, Doug (James Gandolfini) and his guilt-ridden wife, Lois (Melissa Leo), lead depressing lives without much meaning. But by forming an unconventional relationship with teen call girl Mallory (Kristen Stewart), the couple begins to rediscover hope. Directed by Jake Scott, this compelling family drama also stars David Jensen, Kathy Lamkin and Lance E. Nichols. (Netflix)

So this was actually…good. A really interesting script that is acted well and shot beautifully. I really liked the cinematography in this one. There are a lot of parts that are shot perfectly, that highlight relationships between characters, the character’s current emotional state, etc. Just really well done. I was also really impressed by the acting. I read that Kristen Stewart went all out for this one, and it shows. She delivers a really compelling performance. Yes, all her normal actor quirks are still there, but they actually help this character. I also loved Melissa Leo as Lois Riley. The arc her character goes through is really well played out and extremely well done. Of the trio, I was least impressed with James Gandolfini. Don’t get me wrong, he was still good, just not quite on the level of Stewart and Leo. His character was the least defined of all three, and it bothered me a little bit that he never fully admitted why he was helping Mallory/Allison. All the characters know why, the audience knows why, he knows why, but he never really says it, which was a little annoying. The story itself was also really interesting, like I said. You see a character in Mallory’s position and wonder how she got there, which is never fully revealed. (which I wish I could have known more about). And although the ending was realistic, which I applaud the writer for, it was a tad anti-climatic. One of those endings where you go. “oh, it’s over?” Overall though, this is a pretty compelling movie that is worth at least one viewing.


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