A Little Help

16 Dec

a little helpA woman gets entangled in a series of bizarre lies in order to take care of herself and her 12 year old son.(IMDb)

So, I actually really liked this. The story is pretty interesting, and I was really not expecting the big lie that gets told. It did a nice job of walking this fine line between being a drama and a dark comedy. But honestly, what makes this movie is Jenna Fischer’s performance. This character is fascinating, you feel for her and you see her faults all at the same time. That she’s just trying to do the right thing but she has no idea how. Overall, I really enjoyed her performance. Now, as much as I liked some characters, some of the other ones, the mom and the sister in particular, I hated just a little too much. As in I almost didn’t believe that people could be that vindictive. And as for the story overall, I really liked it, it built really nicely, but then it drops off really suddenly, and you end up just waiting for the ambiguous ending. In the end, this is one to see, if anything, for Jenna Fischer’s performance.


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