The Devil’s Double

04 Jan

the devils doubleDominic Cooper stars as Uday Hussein — Saddam Hussein’s depraved, decadent elder son — and as Latif Yahia, the army lieutenant forcibly drafted to be his body double, in this drama based on Yahia’s autobiographical novel. (Netflix)

I watched this mainly because of Dominic Cooper. I know him mostly as “that guy from Mamma Mia”. However, this is far from that. In fact, Cooper’s performance makes this movie. I thought he was fantastic. There was a big difference between Uday and Latif, even though Cooper played both. For me, I was more fascinated by his portrayal of Uday Hussein. The guy was absolutely crazy. I’d only ever read about him, but to see how depraved he was was gut wrenching and at times a little hard to watch. And that’s all thanks to Dominic Cooper. His performance aside, the rest of the movie is pretty good. My big complaint is that it builds to this heightened point, and then it just sort of drops off. The ending is still good, I mean that’s how it happened, but I think I was maybe expecting a little more? In the end, this is worth a watch mostly for Dominic Cooper’s under appreciated performance.


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