07 Jan

bellflowerTwo buddies prepare for the impending apocalypse by building a stockpile of high-grade weapons. Fostering dreams of launching a gang called Mother Medusa, the duo’s plans are put on hold when they meet an incendiary young woman. (Netflix)

So. This was supposed to be a cool post apocalyptic low budget indie film…yeah it was absolutely terrible. It looked like a bunch of friends got together to make a movie. The plot was super messy…and it was not post-apocalyptic…at all. They are just in modern day, thinking the apocalypse is coming at some point. It’s really about one of the characters relationship with a girl, so nothing new there. There are major plot holes and continuity errors that go along with those plot holes. And there are two different endings, without any indication as to why. And one ending is ultra violent for no reason and the other is overly sentimental rom-com ending. And the way it was shot baffles me. At one point there was dirt on the camera? Random angle and focus changes, shaky camera (and not in a good way), and overall, I really wasn’t into the cinematography. Overall, I really wasn’t into this movie. This is one to skip.


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