The Whistleblower

09 Jan

the whistleblowerSent to Bosnia in the aftermath of civil war, an American policewoman uncovers evidence that U.N. peacekeepers are complicit in sex-trafficking. But when she brings her findings to light, she learns that her foes are more powerful than the law. (Netflix)

So, this is a super compelling movie. That is mostly thanks to Rachel Weisz, who turns in a great performance. The other thanks goes to Kathy Bolkovac, on whom this story is based. While watching, I could not believe that it was a true story, and the lengths the U.N. went to as an attempt to cover it up. Well, obviously, she wins, considering they made a movie out of her story. Like I mentioned earlier, Rachel Weisz is fantastic, and Roxana Condurache, in her only screen credit to date, plays Raya, the girl who sets off the whole investigation, is fantastic as well and heart breaking to watch. Actually, this movie as a whole is heart breaking to watch, and some parts are actually a little difficult to watch. My complaint is that it dragged in the middle, when there was almost a lull in the investigation, it happened in the movie as well. I almost fell asleep. Luckily, it picked back up again, and was fine for the rest. But, I think this is worth a watch, both from a movie, and from a human rights/raising awareness perspective.


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