Main Street

22 Jan

main streetWhen an outsider arrives and proposes storing hazardous waste in their small North Carolina town, the residents must weigh the risks against the financial rewards in this ensemble drama that explores the politics of survival for rural America. (Netflix)

I had high hopes for this one…and unfortunately this was really disappointing. Which is a shame, considering the caliber of cast that was assembled. Colin Firth and Patricia Clarkson were fine, considering what they had to work with. I got really tired of Ellen Burstyn’s long winded anecdotal memory monologues about her childhood, and there was little to no point for Orlando Bloom and Amber Tamblyn’s characters…poor Orlando Bloom. I’ve seen better. I think he was trying a southern charm type thing, but it just came off as oddly flirting with every character. The script was terribly slow, and not very action driven whatsoever. This could have been an interesting commentary on the lengths a dying town will go to in order to revive it, but Colin Firth’s character was met with virtually no opposition. Overall, a small, boring movie that should be skipped.


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