Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

01 Feb

tucker and dale vs evilExpecting to enjoy a relaxing vacation at their rundown mountain cabin, backwoods boys Tucker and Dale see their peaceful trip turn into a nightmare when college kids camping nearby accuse the duo of being psychotic killers. (Netflix)

Horror/comedies are the only brand of horror I watch. This is a great example of the genre. It’s pretty funny, has some great gags, the funny moments of self-awareness, and it’s all covered in a ton of fake blood. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine are great as Tucker and Dale, and I also enjoyed Katrina Bowden as Allie, the main college kid. The rest of the doomed college kids are good as their assigned stereotypes. Jesse Moss as Chad, the head of the group, is absolutely obnoxious and crazy, which thankfully works for the character. As for the story itself, it’s pretty solid, my only complaint is that in the middle, it becomes as predictable as the genre it’s spoofing. Thankfully, the last 20 minutes makes up for that. Overall, a pretty funny movie that fans of horror, and even those of us that aren’t, will enjoy.


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