Wild Target

14 May

wild targetA hitman tries to retire but a beautiful thief may change his plans. (IMDb)

So, this is an odd little movie. You normally don’t see many comedies about  assassins, but this one was actually quite funny. Bill Nighy is hilarious as the uptight assassin. Emily Blunt is great as the thief, her character has this really dramatic shift that is a little unbelievable to follow, but she makes it work well enough. Rupert Grint is basically a dumber, stoner version of Ron, but that’s ok, he was still funny. The supporting characters that I loved were Eileen Atkins as Nighy’s mother and Martin Freeman as another hitman. I thought the two of them were hilarious. Some of the funniest stuff in the entire movie came from them. The story is a little bit of a mess, and the characters are all messes too, but for some reason, you really want them to succeed and just be happy. There is a little bit of suspension of disbelief as the body count is insanely high, yet no one ever gets caught or even pursued. But in the end, this is a fun British comedy that’s worth a watch.


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