31 May

w.e.The affair between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson, and a contemporary romance between a married woman and a Russian security guard. (IMDb)

So I didn’t quite know what to expect out of this one. When I put this on my  list, I had just watched The King’s Speech, and saw this as almost a companion piece. Plus it was directed by Madonna. So there’s that. So to start with, it actually totally works as a companion piece. It was cool seeing the story from Wallis’ point of view, instead of one of the kings’ point of view, which is where we mostly hear about the story from. I also enjoyed pairing it with the modern day story. There was some really cool blending of the two worlds, but it required some major suspension of disbelief. Sometimes it was Wally (the modern day character) imaging Wallis, or a dream, and then there randomly, Wallis would just talk to Wally. So…the rules of all that were not clearly defined, which was a little confusing. Abbie Cornish and Andrea Riseborough act the crap out of this one. I enjoyed both of their performances a lot. As for Madonna’s directing, I think she may actually have something. She has a big, flashy vision, which is not surprising. But, that flashiness doesn’t always work. Regardless, she actually pulls this movie off quite nicely. So despite its inconsistencies and pitfalls, I quite enjoyed this movie.

“Bonus* for all of my BBC obsessed friends. Katie McGrath (Merlin) and Laurence Fox (Billie Piper’s husband) are in this movie. 🙂


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