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What’s Your Number?

what's you number?A woman looks back at the past twenty men she’s had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love. (IMDb)

So my sister has been bugging me for the longest time to watch this, saying it’s one of her favorite rom-coms. And I thought it was cute, nothing revolutionary, but I was laughing throughout. The main reason for that was Anna Faris. I really don’t know who else could have done this part. She was really funny and completely carried it. Chris Evans was a lot of fun. I’m so used to seeing him as Captain America lately that it was kind of fun to see him as someone who is not so wholesome as the cap is. Also, her 20 is like a list of who’s who, with actors like Zachary Quinto, Martin Freeman, Andy Samberg, Joel McHale, Chris Pratt, and Anthony Mackie. They all had really fun one or two scene bit parts (or were a running joke throughout the whole thing) and were a lot of fun. So like I said earlier, this is not going to revolutionize the rom-com, but it’s a lot of fun and is worth it for Anna Faris.


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50:50Inspired by a true story, a comedy centered on a 27-year-old guy who learns of his cancer diagnosis, and his subsequent struggle to beat the disease. (IMDb)

I think what I really like about this one is how seamlessly is weaves back and forward from funny to heartbreaking. Essentially, it’s very real. When dealing with a topic such as cancer, if you go all comedy, it’s disrespectful and crude. If you go full on sobfest, it’s too heavy and depressing. This movie walked that line extremely well. This is actually some of my favorite performances from this entire cast. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen make an unlikely pair that work extremely well together. Anna Kendrick is charming and lovable as the therapist, Bryce Dallas Howard somehow makes you feel bad for her even though she’s kind of a raging bitch, and Anjelica Huston broke my heart as his mother, yet I saw why she drove her son crazy. Basically, I thought these characters were very real both in writing and in acting. Basically, this movie is an emotional roller coaster, in a good way.


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moneyballOakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s successful attempt to assemble a baseball team on a lean budget by employing computer-generated analysis to acquire new players. (IMDb)

I’ve made a decision. This is my new favorite baseball movie. It’s just all around really good. Quickly paced, which is a feat considering they are getting through an entire baseball season in two hours. I loved the direction and editing in this one. The way the real life action with the actors switches seamlessly with actual footage from the games is impressive and really well done. I really liked Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill portraying characters that were a little different than their normal work. They worked really well together as well. Philip Seymour Hoffman had the baseball coach thing down perfectly. Then there was Chris Pratt as Scott Hatteberg. I don’t know what it was, but he almost stole this one for me. I thought he was perfect for the role. Something else I really liked was how it took something so specific and a little confusing and made it accessible for the most part. I was still a little confused over the number thing, but I managed to catch up and figure it out. Overall though, this is a great movie to watch, whether you’re a baseball fan or not.


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frailtyA man confesses to an FBI agent his family’s story of how his religious fanatic father’s visions lead to a series of murders to destroy supposed “demons.” (IMDb)

So everyone’s all like “ah this is a brilliant thriller/horror movie”. But I’m just like “meh”. I guessed the huge twist about 45 minutes in, and let’s face it, all of the “vision” shots/cinematography are cheesy. What I did like were Bill Paxton and Matthew McConaguhey’s performances. I thought the two of them were very good. The story itself was interesting enough, my problem is with the whole reveal of the people’s sins at the end. By doing that, they are saying that maybe these people aren’t totally crazy, but this whole time the audience has been led to believe that they are just completely crazy people. It could work as a plot twist, but it comes in so late in the game that it confuses rather than reveals. So, this was ok. Definitely scary, with a few good twists and turns, but I don’t think its as brilliant as everyone says it is.



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restlessThe story of a terminally ill teenage girl who falls for a boy who likes to attend funerals and their encounters with the ghost of a Japanese kamikaze pilot from WWII. (IMDb)

So…this is a weird little movie. The two main characters, played by Mia Wasikowska and Henry Hopper, are like a pair of old souls, who sometimes act like 10 year olds. The fascination with death can be a little disconcerting at times, but that ends up making sense in the end, it just takes awhile to get there. The same goes for the Japanese ghost, played by Ryo Kase. His presence doesn’t make complete sense either until about half way through the movie. After that, his purpose for actually being there doesn’t make sense until almost the very end. Mia Wasikowska is lovely, I’ve never been disappointed in a performance of hers. New comer Henry Hopper is also quite good. However, their performances are trumped by the overall empty feeling of this movie. You feel for these characters and what they are going through, and in the end, Hopper’s character becomes a better person, the usual, but it all just feels a little hollow. I can’t quite put my finger on it.


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21 & Over

21 & overThe night before his big medical school interview, a promising student celebrates his 21st birthday with his two best friends. (IMDb)

So, I’m in a couple of different places on this one. Parts of it were seriously laugh out loud funny, then they would try to be super serious, then they would be like just kidding this is a comedy, and overall it just had no clue what it wanted to be. I mean, it was trying to be the Hangover for 20 somethings, but it didn’t quite get there. Yes, there were parts that were hilarious, but that’s attributed to the three main characters, played by Miles Teller, Skylar Astin, and Justin Chon. The three of them carry this sub par script and all of the great moments belong to them. Something I do have a problem with is profanity for profanity’s sake. A string of swear words doesn’t exactly constitute as funny. And throwing in shit randomly doesn’t make a joke funnier. In the end, this is comedy for the lowest common denominator, but however, I did find myself laughing so that’s got to say something.


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Straw Dogs

straw dogsL.A. screenwriter David Sumner relocates with his wife to her hometown in the deep South. There, while tensions build between them, a brewing conflict with locals becomes a threat to them both. (IMDb)

To be honest, I watched this for two reasons, and their names are James Marsden and Alexander Skarsgard. What can I say, they are just two really attractive men. And that factor definitely helped this movie. Because everything else surrounding them, meh. It was interesting enough to be watchable, but there’s nothing really stand out about it. Essentially, I didn’t like any of these people. Even the couple, who are supposed to be the heroes. Marsden’s character could be obnoxious and condescending towards his wife, while Kate Bosworth’s character is quick to judge and resorts to calling her husband a coward when he chooses to logically solve the problem instead of throwing punches. The thing that bugged me the most though is how the big climactic showdown comes about. You would think it was because of the tensions between the couple and the group of locals finally coming to a head. Instead, the showdown happens essentially at the climax of a subplot that the couple happens to get themselves caught in the middle of, and it just doesn’t help that the locals don’t like them. So for me, that was a let down. Something I did like was the cinematography and direction. There was this perpetual game going on of who has the upper hand, which could be seen really clearly through how this was directed. In the end, like I said this is a watchable thriller, and while the lead up is slow, the actual ending fight is interesting.


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