Paris, je t’aime

01 Aug

paris, je t'aimeThrough the neighborhoods of Paris, love is veiled, revealed, imitated, sucked dry, reinvented and awakened. (IMDb)

One of my big complaints about New York, I Love You was that it couldn’t decide whether it wanted to interconnect everything (like Valentine’s Day) or keep it separate shorts. Thankfully, this movie actually picked one. And I actually enjoyed seeing the 14 different shorts, with the little titles and director’s names before each bit. And then used the very end of the movie to tie things together, which I thought worked very well. Now, a lot of people complain that doing it this way makes it uneven, which it does. But for me, it kind of worked because the shorts ranged from heartbreaking, to adorable, to weird, and I thought it was cool to jump back and forth. Now, that being said, this also made some of the shorts forgettable, and others simply not work. (I’m looking at you Asian hair salon and vampire Elijah Wood) But that made the ones I enjoyed that much better. The ensemble cast is a lot of fun, and the ensemble of directors is insanely talented. It may not be perfect, but this is how a movie of compiling storylines should be made.


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