La Vie En Rose

25 Aug

la vie en roseThe life story of singer Édith Piaf. (IMDb)

So I’m a big fan of Marion Cotillard, but for some reason, I have not seen this one yet. I know, shameful. So, I watched this one, and holy shit did she deserve that Oscar. She was absolutely amazing. Cotillard, who is so elegant and poised in real life, nails this woman’s physicality and for me, was a total transformative performance. I can’t say enough good things about her. As for the rest of the movie, I enjoyed it, but for me, there were things missing. And a lot of people screaming each other’s names in French while being held back by other people. But I digress. I felt a little on the outside because I personally do not know Piaf’s life and work. (Like when she sings the song at the end, I literally said out loud “Oh that’s the Inception song. If that’s any indication) And I think that definitely affected my view of this movie. It made the jumping out of chronological order confusing, and I often lost track of where we were in her life. And we only spent a little time in each of these places, and instead of seeing a complete story, we saw brief snapshots of certain times in her life. And it totally confused me. Like, she was interviewed for being an accessory to the murder of her boss, and then it jumps in time and we never really visited that again. And like I said, the fact that I don’t know Piaf’s life story to being with may have affected all that. However, all of that aside, this is worth a watch on Cotillard’s performance alone.


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One response to “La Vie En Rose

  1. vinnieh

    September 15, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    Great post, as you say the film is worth seeing just for the magnificent performance of Cotillard.


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