The Forgiveness of Blood

28 Nov

the forgiveness of bloodAn Albanian family is torn apart by a murder, resulting in a blood feud that finds Nik becoming the prime target and his sister, Rudina, forced to leave school in order to take over the family business (IMDb)

I remember reading a little bit ago about blood feuds still being a thing in Albania, so I was really interested in this. And for the most part, it didn’t disappoint. It is a really fascinating story of a part of the world that is modern, but is still rooted in tradition. It’s also about what happens when tradition and the modern world butt heads. Something else I really picked up on was the younger generation paying for the older generation’s mistakes. Nik and Rudina are two high schoolers that are forced to drop everything in their lives because of something their father and uncle did. It was frustrating just to watch, so I can’t imagine being involved in that situation. Tristan Halilaj and Sindi Lacej make very strong debuts in this as Nik and Rudina. You see the both of them struggling to help their family, but also wanting to live their own lives. The only complaints I really have are about pace. There were times where the action was very slow. I get that it was supposed to show the passing of time, but it went on a little too long for me. Also, as an outside viewer, you have to play a game of catch up. They don’t explain any of the technical terms when it comes to the feuds, and you kind of just have to figure it out contextually. Other than that though, I thought this was a fascinating story that was told very well.


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