Jeff, Who Lives at Home

16 Dec

jeff who lives at homeSiblings Jay and Mark Duplass direct this comedy focusing on two brothers — one a moderate success, the other still living with Mom. A trip to the store for glue, however, turns into an encounter with destiny for the stay-at-home slacker. (Netflix)

So…for something trying to bill itself as a comedy, it wasn’t very funny. There were some funny moments, but for the most part I took this as a movie about two brothers reconnecting. It had some great acting moments throughout. Ed Helms played an asshole who has some second thoughts about how his life is going, which led to some nice moments from him. Jason Segal was on point. I thought he was really genuine in his own way. I also rather enjoyed Susan Sarandon’s storyline. But for me, it didn’t quite earn the big moment at the end. It was heartwarming and brought a smile to my face, but everything before it wasn’t enough to fully earn that moment. I also thought it lagged at certain points, which is unfortunate because I normally wouldn’t expect pace to be a problem in a movie with these actors in it. I also didn’t know I how I felt about the camera work. It was a lot of the choppy, quick, zooms in and out, much like you would see on something like The Office. Which, it works on a mockumentary type thing like that, but it didn’t quite do it for me here. In the end, while this had some nice pieces, it didn’t quite all come together for me.


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