The Five-Year Engagement

20 Dec

the five-year engagementOne year after meeting, Tom proposes to his girlfriend, Violet, but unexpected events keep tripping them up as they look to walk down the aisle together. (IMDb)

I heard this was cute, but I thought it was so much more than that. I thought it was laugh out loud funny and super intelligent at the same time. There are dozens of hilarious moments. This is thanks both to the writing (which is great) and the chemistry between the leads. Jason Segal and Emily Blunt work really well off of each other, then throw in Chris Pratt and Alison Brie as the best friend and the sister, it’s comedy gold. But the thing that really sold this for me were the moments that weren’t funny. This movie deals with the relatable dilemma of career versus love. Can you have both? Should one take precedence of the other? It’s really interesting watching these two characters trying to figure it out. Yes, figuring it out includes Jason Segal growing mutton chops and becoming a mountain man for 20 minutes but you get my point. However, there were places where this could have been trimmed. Coming in at a little over two hours, it’s just the tiniest bit too long. But I would still highly recommend this.


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