Safe Haven

06 Jan

safe havenThis adaptation of the novel by Nicholas Sparks centers on a mysterious woman who arrives in a small North Carolina town and begins a new life but remains haunted by the terrifying secret that prompted her to travel across the country. (Netflix)

To be quite honest, I haven’t liked a Nicholas Sparks movie since The Notebook. But my roommates were bugging me to watch this one, and it’s on Netflix, and it’s a frozen tundra outside, so we watched it. And actually? I was pleasantly surprised. Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel have an easy chemistry, having Cobie Smulders around is never a mistake, and Mimi Kirkland, who plays the daughter, is adorable. The plot actually moves along at a decent pace, and has enough twists and shifts to remain interesting. The North Carolina setting is gorgeous, it’s a beautiful backdrop for the movie. And then the last five minutes happened. Does it make total and complete realistic sense? Eh, not really. And yet, not going to lie, I cried. It’s a really nice ending and puts a different feel to the ending and elevates it a little bit, makes it more memorable. So, if you’re into the white people embracing thing, and even if you’re not, this is still a good watch.



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