Drinking Buddies

07 Jan

drinking buddiesWorkmates at a small Chicago brewery, Luke and Kate are romantically involved with others but also the best of friends — on and off the clock. Things get complicated, however, when the couples spend a weekend together at a lakeside retreat. (Netflix)

The most interesting thing about this (which I found out after watching this) was that this whole movie was entirely improvised. The actors only knew the basics of what they had to do and they just went for it. In that regard, this movie is really impressive. It’s very naturalistic conversations, and funny ones at that. Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson are fabulous together. You wouldn’t know that it was improvised. They have a fun chemistry and the two of them really went for it. Anna Kendrick is fun as well, but you can tell that there were times when she had no idea what to say next, and just kind of kept talking. Although some of my favorite moments of the movie involve her. (the hike/picnic scene) Something else I also enjoyed was how real the whole situation was. This is how things would go in real life, Some parts were a little slow, or didn’t really have a focus, which is a danger with improv, but overall, I liked this.


SPOILERS: Let’s talk about the end!

Ok, so I watched this with the roommates, and one of them hated the ending, the two others and myself thought the ending was perfect. I think what the ending was showing was that Luke and Kate are friends, and they will never be more than friends, they’re great drinking buddies, but they will never be more than that. This became apparent to me in the moving scene. Yes, Luke and Kate have an infectious connection…when they’re both happy. But that scene proved that while they can handle each other at their best, they might not be able to handle each other at their worst. Luke needed someone like Jill, not someone like himself. Also, I loved that they are friends. Because guys and girls can be friends, they don’t have to fall in love. And I thought the ending was a perfect show of that.

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