The Kitchen

09 Jan

the kitchenJennifer’s turning 30 — but she hardly feels like celebrating. For starters, her boyfriend Paul’s been cheating on her, her best friend Stan is in love with her, and her cynical sister has an inappropriate announcement. (Netflix)

Another snowday movie. This one was really interesting, it’s a slice of life film that all takes place in one room (the kitchen, obviously). That aspect of it is really clever, and all of the transitions between the different conversations are smooth and well done. However, I found some storylines more interesting than others, which is always a pitfall of ensemble comedies. Also, there were characters I wanted more from, and some I was good with only seeing once or twice. Also, none of these characters are exactly likeable. In fact, they’re all pretty annoying. But, I did understand the majority of them, so that’s a plus. Laura Prepon and Dreama Walker worked well together as sisters. So, while this is better than other slice of life movies, I still dozed off a few times.


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