01 Mar

herNominations: Best Picture, Original Score, Original Song (The Moon Song), Production Design, and Original Screenplay (Spike Jonze)

A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that’s designed to meet his every need. (IMDb)

I remember writing a while back (for Contagion I think?) That the reason I liked that was because it took this disaster movie, which are normally done with a broad scope, and pared it down to a group of people. That’s what I think this movie did. It took this grand sci-fi idea of operating systems becoming smarter than humans, and pared it down to one specific person. That’s what makes this story, and this movie, so likeable. Also, the acting, writing, and music don’t hurt. Joaquin Phoenix is aggressively likeable, but you also see all of the insecurities and the little things that most likely led to his divorce. Also, credit has to be given to Scarlett Johansson, for a wonderful voice performance as Samantha. Something else I thought was well done was the set up of the world. It was obvious that it was in the future but it wasn’t so outlandish that it was unbelievable. Overall, I thought this was a lovely movie that both romance and sci-fi lovers can enjoy.


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