Rabbit Hole

14 Mar

rabbit holeLife for a happy couple is turned upside down after their young son dies in an accident. (IMDb)

I’m a little familiar with the play and something I liked were the small modern updates. Like the scene with the video (which was really well done) is normally a tape that gets accidentally taped over. Here, it’s accidentally deleted off of his phone, which worked. Overall, I thought this was really well done, and stayed true to the source material while adapting it for a movie. (Like adding the Sandra Oh character, I liked her a lot.) I mean, it doesn’t hurt that David Lindsay-Abaire wrote the screenplay. The acting in this is really well done from the ensemble as a whole. Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart are great, and this was a great debut for Miles Teller. Dianne Wiest and Tammy Blanchard round out the cast well. There were a couple of times where it was on the verge of slipping into melodrama, but the actors managed to pull it back, and the moments of lightness (Aaron Eckhart and Sandra Oh smoking pot before group for example) throughout make it not as heavy and it could have been. Overall, really well done.


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