16 Jul

complianceThis tense drama unfolds as a prank caller pretends to be a cop and convinces a restaurant manager to interrogate her teenaged employee about a theft. (Netflix)

I don’t know guys. It’s an interesting topic, I just wish I liked this better. I thought it was so slowly paced. It’s almost in real time, which explains a lot of it, but I just thought it was so slow. The acting is good, I just don’t like the characters. It’s just so frustrating to watch because I felt like no one was using their common sense. Which, yes I know this actually happened, but I was just baffled at their stupidity. From a movie making standpoint, I didn’t love when they revealed the prank caller. It either needed to be earlier or much later. Where it was just made it feel like a throwaway moment. The same can be said for the climax of the movie. The part that was supposed to be the most traumatizing, the most tense, was given no more weight than any of the previous scenes. And then is ended really quickly after that. I wanted to like this, I really did, and it could have been really good, but the slow pace and clunky plot structure killed it.


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One response to “Compliance

  1. Laura O

    July 16, 2014 at 9:13 pm

    I liked this way more than you – if ‘like’ is the right word!


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