The Good Doctor

20 Jul

the good doctor

After a young doctor falls into an illicit romance with his teenage patient, a colleague learns of the forbidden relationship and blackmails him. (Netflix)

More of a character study than anything, this movie provides a vehicle for Orlando Bloom to really show his stuff. I wish the writing had give him just a little further to go, but this was still a really interesting performance from him, something we haven’t really seen before. I also found the whole concept of a doctor deserving status and respect, and the fact that his character is stuck on that, really interesting. On the other hand, the pace is slow, not a ton happens, and there’s a false ending that either should have been the real one or not used at all. But, it was interesting enough.




Really quickly I wanted to point out something. Did anyone else notice that in the scene where she died, she was flatlining. And then for maybe three seconds, her heart beat spiked again and her eyes opened, and then she flatlined again and died. That means that he was the last thing she ever saw. A really nice touch I thought. I almost wish it had been a little more prominent, or maybe that was the point, to make it more understated? Regardless, that was the most engaged I was the whole movie.

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