27 Jul


In a catastrophic future, the remaining population is crowded into megacities, where all-powerful and ultraviolent cops are hunting for terrorists. (Netflix)

If you’re looking for a cut and dry simple action flick, look no further. I will say though, this is better than the average action movie. The visuals are awesome, especially for the drug high sequences. i thought it was interesting that Karl Urban never took off the helmet. I know that fits in with the comic books, but it’s a pleasant surprise that they followed that. Olivia Thirlby definitely held her own as the rookie out on her first day. But for me, Lena Heady as the crazy drug lord stole the show. She was awesome. So like I said, this was simple. Heroes start typical day, typical day goes bad, they shoot their way out. But I think the simplicity worked. There were a lot of opportunities to dig a little deeper, but save that stuff for the sequel. Normally action movies aren’t really my thing, but I didn’t think this was too bad. 


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