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Seven Psychopaths


A struggling screenwriter inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his oddball friends kidnap a gangster’s beloved Shih Tzu. (IMDb)

I’ve seen and/or read a couple of Martin McDonagh’s plays, and something I think he’s really good at is making you laugh and then make you question why you were laughing because the situation is horrible. Really specific, I know, but I think that’s an amazing quality. And it transferred over to this movie. This was really funny, really violent, and even really sad at times. Something else in the writing I loved were the little bits of movie business satire. I mean, you can’t have a movie about writing a movie without them. The ensemble cast is great together. This might be my favorite thing I’ve seen Christopher Walken in lately. Colin Farrell was great (although I was questioning what accent he was talking in for the first 10 minutes). Sam Rockwell was really funny. The whole monologue about how he wants the movie to end (paired with the visual of it) is probably the funniest part of the whole movie. Woody Harrelson was great as the hard ass gangster who has a soft spot for his dog. Overall, I thought this was great. It’s super messy and confusing at times, but it’s so fun and energetic you almost don’t care.


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Here Comes the Boom


A high school biology teacher looks to become a successful mixed-martial arts fighter in an effort to raise money to prevent extra-curricular activities from being axed at his cash-strapped school. (IMDb)

So something the trailer doesn’t tell you, Kevin James’ character is a complete ass at the beginning. So that was a nice change from the typical inspirational sports movie. But of course he goes through a profound character change and becomes a better person like a typical sports movie. I’m honestly not trying to knock the sports genre, because this was a nice story, but it just gets really predictable after awhile. Thankfully Kevin James is enough to get you through it, and there are some great moments. Bas Rutten, who plays the trainer, is really quite funny. And singer Charice plays one of his students, and she gets to sing at the end. But to be perfectly honest, this was nothing revolutionary. Just a nice story and some cool MMA fights.


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Young Victor conducts a science experiment to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life, only to face unintended, sometimes monstrous, consequences. (IMDb)

Here’s the thing. I don’t do well when dogs die in movies. I just don’t. And this was not any better. The dog dying is kind of the plot of the whole movie yet there I was sobbing like a complete idiot over this cartoon dog. Twice. Thanks Tim Burton. Anyway, I actually did enjoy this. It’s fun and campy. When I wasn’t crying I was laughing. There are a lot of really fun easter eggs for classic horror movie buffs. I’m not one and I still caught some really fun stuff. One of the funniest side characters was “Weird Girl”. She’s this creepy girl who talks in a high pitched whisper and has the hugest eyes of any Tim Burton movie. And she is hilarious. Also, being voiced by Catherine O’Hara doesn’t hurt. Also, I’m pretty sure that if you were to take the town in the movie out of black and white, it would be filled with pastel colored houses…(anyone else think it looked like the town from Edward Scissorhands?) So, this was a really pleasant surprise for me. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. But I’m glad I watched it.


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The Normal Heart


A gay activist attempts to raise HIV/AIDS awareness during the early 1980s. (IMDb)

I wanted to read the play first, but I also wanted to watch this before the Emmys….The second one won.

Anyway, I was looking forward to this because I had heard nothing but good things. And I agree with everything I heard for the most part. It’s a heart breaking story that really focuses on the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. For example, it’s called “gay cancer” for the first half hour. The acting is really good. Mark Ruffalo made me love and hate Ned, the main character all at the same time, so good for him. Julia Roberts was fantastic as the doctor. But who really stole it for me was Jim Parsons as one of the guys who helps out the Gay Men’s Health Crisis group. The Rolodex monologue that he has killed me. I actually he wished he won the Emmy for this instead of Big Bang Theory. I will say, for me, some parts dragged, others got a little too melodramatic and I think some of the characters were yelling at each other a little too much. But, I still think this was a really solid adaptation of a play, and totally deserved that best tv movie Emmy.


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Guardians of the Galaxy


Light years from Earth, 26 years after being abducted, Peter Quill finds himself the prime target of a manhunt after discovering an orb wanted by Ronan the Accuser. (IMDb)

This was awesome. It was equal parts funny, fun, action filled, and even a little sad. Everyone was really well cast. This is Chris Pratt’s best. Hands down. I absolutely loved him in this. Zoe Saldana gets to kick ass and be funny. And Bradley Cooper as a CGI raccoon and Vin Diesel as a CGI tree somehow made me tear up. So that says something. Lee Pace is unrecognizable as Ronan. I didn’t even know it was him until literally an hour after I saw it. As I mentioned, the action scenes are really well choreographed and shot. The first fight on the street between the four leads was an incredible amount of fun. The only thing that made me stop for a second is that they throw a ton of exposition at you in the first 20 minutes that it made my head spin trying to keep everything and everyone straight. You do figure it out, it just takes a little to get there. Overall, I thought this was great. An awesome addition to the Marvel collection and I can’t wait for the sequel.


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Thanks guys! Glad to see you’re liking the reviews. 

If there’s ever anything specific you want me to review, shoot me a message and I’ll get on it!

In other exciting news…

Today I’m moving from Cleveland, OH, to Chicago! So, if you don’t hear from me for a week, it’s because of the whole moving thing.

Until next time!



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Another Earth

another earth

On the night of the discovery of a duplicate Earth in the Solar system, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident. (IMDb)

I thought this was absolutely fascinating. What writer/director Mike Cahill and writer/actor Brit Marling have done is create this script that’s a really nice blend of drama and sci-fi. It’s a human story at the root of it, but it uses the whole other Earth as a sort of framing device. It also brought up the debate of what if there is another you out there? Would you want to meet them? I think Brit Marling as a fascinating screen presence and I really enjoy watching her. I wasn’t as impressed by William Mapother as the composer, but he still did a nice job. There was some really beautiful cinematography going on. Mostly the shots of the other planet in the sky. The ending is ambiguous but fascinating. It had me and my friend talking about it for a good 15 minutes afterward. A definite recommendation from me.


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