Jackie Brown

05 Dec


When an aging flight attendant’s caught smuggling cash and forced to help with an investigation, she hatches a clever plan to make off with the dough. (Netflix)

This is probably the only major Tarantino movie I haven’t seen, and I’m a big fan of his other movies, so I was excited to see this one. As a stand alone, it’s really good. It’s smart, funny, well-acted, all of that good stuff. The overarching plan to make off with the money is really clever, and you find yourself trying to figure it out as you go. The ensemble is great, no surprise. (Samuel L. Jackson does have this really unfortunate ponytail/goatee combo, but eh) Overall, really solid movie. But. Here’s the thing. When you put it up next to his other works (especially considering Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction were this movie’s predecessors) it doesn’t hold up quite as well. Maybe it’s because this is based off of something rather than his original material, or that he was going for the feel of a specific genre (70s B Movie type thing). But there’s always something a little bit joyful-borering-crazy about his movies, and this one felt too calculated, safe almost. But like I said, this is still really enjoyable, and worth a watch for any fan.


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