Into the Woods

27 Dec

A witch tasks a childless baker and his wife with procuring magical items from classic fairy tales to reverse the curse put on their family tree. (IMDb)

This was wonderful. I was grinning like a big dumb idiot during a big portion of this. It’s visually beautiful, the costumes are gorgeous, and I really liked that the creative team took some creative liberties, but still remained true to the original musical. A lot of the solos in act one are the characters singing about what they just did and/or thought. So I liked that we froze time for Steps of the Palace, or saw a little bit of Jack climbing up and down the beanstalk for Giants in the Sky, and Agony was probably the funniest four minutes of the whole movie. I always think Rob Marshall is the man to go to for musical adaptations and he didn’t disappoint. The cast nails it. I can’t say enough good things. My friend and I were texting about it and it turned into just EMILY BLUNT. JAMES CORDEN. CHRIS PINE. MERYL. They sing beautifully, they acted well. I can’t fangirl enough. Now. Here is where I get nitpicky, because I am a big fan of the show. When making a movie adaptation, concessions have to be made. At first, I was sad that they cut the Narrator/Mysterious Man. But honestly, it was a good choice, because that character is so meta and interacts with the audience and the characters that it probably would not have translated well. My big thing is that I wish Disney would have just went for it and gotten darker, like Act Two is supposed to be, even if it garnered the PG-13 rating. Because that’s a major thing in the show, is that the darker, more realistic Act Two is a clear departure from the zany, mostly light Act One. It’s supposed to be Once Upon a Time…later. They nailed the zany musical comedy. But by not embracing the darker parts of Act Two, the latter half felt a little rushed, and the more emotional moments didn’t hit as hard as they could have. But. Like I said, I know I’m being hyper critical. I loved it overall, and plan on getting the soundtrack sometime this week.


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