Oscars 2015 Wrap-Up

23 Feb

Hi everyone!

So, unfortunately I couldn’t live-blog or tweet the Oscars last night because I was at rehearsal. My Oscars 2015 was my friends texting me updates while I was at rehearsal, catching the middle part of it at a bar after rehearsal (and then getting free shots for winning Oscar Bingo), and watching some stuff I missed online late last night. So. All of that being said, here are my scattered thoughts:

-That opening number was wonderful. It showed a lot of love to the industry while making fun of it at the same time.

-That Birdman/Whiplash parody NPH did was brilliant.

-The predictions bit didn’t quite pay off the way they wanted it to

-GaGa is probably going to book a show on Broadway soon after that performance.

-The performance (and subsequent win) of “Glory” shows that art is important and can incite change.

-A wonderful win (and speech) by Graham Moore for winning Adapted Screenplay for “The Imitation Game”

-The Idina/John Travolta bit was also quite funny.

-Felicity Jones looked like she was terrified to be standing onstage next to Chris Pratt.

-Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba were way too good looking to be sharing the stage. Damn.

-I really thought this was the year that a blockbuster superhero movie was going to take Visual Effects (I was pulling for Captain America) but Interstellar was impressive too.

-I loved that Whiplash and Grand Budapest Hotel wracked up some awards last night!

-Speaking of Whiplash, YES J.K. SIMMONS! I was so happy that he won!

-I basically guessed that Birdman was going to win some of the big ones (esp. Best Picture) it was the most well-crafted of all the Best Picture nominees.

-Sean Penn wins the award for most offensive joke and looking like a dick in front of millions.

-I don’t know why there were Lego Oscar trophies, but I want one.

-I was surprised Big Hero 6 took Best Animated Picture, considering it’s not one of Disney’s biggest.

-I predicted all of the Acting wins (Patricia Arquette, Simmons, Eddie Redmayne, and Julianne Moore) although the pool was super tough this year.

So, yeah what did you all think?

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