Oscar Wrap Up 2016

01 Mar

So, for the second year in a row, I was doing a theatre thing during the Oscars. This time, it was a meeting for a show I’m helping to develop. But, it was all my friends so I was just refreshing my computer screen periodically haha.

Anyway, there were some legitimate surprises this year. What wasn’t a surprise was Chris Rock’s scathing opening monologue. I personally thought it was great. It almost went a little too far, but he managed to reel it in.  I saw some FB posts during the show with a bunch of people (read “white people I went to high school with”) complaining about how this year was all about race. Well. Did it make you uncomfortable? Good. It should have.

Now. To the actual awards themselves. I did manage to finish all of the Best Picture and Best Acting nominees. (I just haven’t posted the reviews for 45 Years, Creed, or Joy yet). And I’m going to make it a point to watch Ex Machina sometime this week, given it’s little sneak in award for Visual Effects.

So, I thought the supporting actor wins were surprising. Pleasantly surprising, but still. I thought Rooney Mara was going to take it for Carol, but Alicia Vikander was lovely in The Danish Girl (her and Eddie Redmayne are kind of the only reasons to watch it.) The best supporting actor was truly up in the air for me, I just expected it to go to a more household name. But, Mark Rylance is brilliant, so I’m not actually complaining.

I called the Leading Actor ones. I was still really happy they won, but when I saw that I was like “duh” of course they did. Brie Larson was incredible in Room, and DiCaprio finally gets his little golden statue.

There were murmurings of Anomalisa sneaking the Best Animated out from under Inside Out’s feet. I’ll admit, I haven’t see Anomalisa yet. But Inside Out is incredible. So, I was insanely happy when it won.

As I was refreshing my page, I saw that Mad Max was sweeping the technical awards, as it should. Those are wholeheartedly deserved. And then I saw that The Revenant got Cinematography and Iñárritu picked up Best Director for the second year in a row.  So, I assumed that Best Picture was going to go to one of those two. And then Spotlight popped up on my screen. I said “What?!” out loud and my roommate thought something was wrong haha. Spotlight was a great movie, I was just pleasantly surprised.

Overall, an interesting, albeit controversy filled year. Can’t wait to see what the next year of movie making holds!

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